A Definitive Guide to Clean Your Kitchen in 15-minutes

So you have just 15-minutes to spare? Well, there are a lot of things you can do to make your kitchen sparkling clean. Yes, 15-minutes aren’t enough to clean out all the mess, but with this guide, you can make your kitchen look clean within the particular timeframe.

We know you are curious to know it as cleaning a kitchen requires hours. So let’s get started with this quick kitchen cleaning guide without wasting time.

Declutter It

Before you start with the cleaning, declutter the kitchen so that you get enough free space, and the space looks clean and tidy. Pick up the items that you think are of no use, like those used napkins, and other items. 

Keeping these items in the kitchen is only making it look messy and nothing else.

Assemble the Cleaning Supplies 

Have you ever paid attention to the fact that you spend a lot of your time finding the cleaning supplies, including the sponge, squeegee, and dishcloths? It happens with almost everyone out there except the readers who have been through this article.

Assembling the supplies means you don’t have to worry about finding them before cleaning. As a result, you save a lot of time, thus cleaning the kitchen takes less time.

Ask Someone for Help

If you have a messy kitchen, there’s no chance you can clean it all alone within 15-minutes. Ask someone to lend you a helping hand so that you can get rid of the cleaning task as soon as possible.

So you don’t have anyone to help you? Let Maid Forever do the job for you! Our professional cleaners can clean the entire kitchen, so you don’t have to spend even 15-minutes cleaning it.

Multitasking is Your Friend 

While cleaning the kitchen under 15-minutes, you have to plan your tasks. There’s no benefit of sitting idle when the dishwasher is cleaning your dishes. In the meantime, you can clean the floor and other areas to save time.

We suggest you plan the cleaning accordingly to the tasks you want to do.

Get Professional Help 

Well, this tip doesn’t even require your 15-minutes! You can call house cleaning professionals like Maid Forever as we are proficient in cleaning. If you think your hectic life doesn’t allow you to clean, you can hire us to make things easy.

Avoid Putting Extra Stuff on the Countertop 

Prevention is better than cure, so you should avoid cluttering the kitchen, and automatically, it will take less time to clean it. Don’t place unnecessary items on the countertop like the empty bottles and other stuff you think isn’t any good.

Opt for Deep Cleaning Services 

If you want your kitchen to look clean, then you should opt for deep-cleaning services. There is no chance you can clean the floors and cabinets in 15-minutes, but if you go for deep cleaning, then your kitchen looks clean, and it takes less time to do the job.

You can get deep cleaning services with Maid Forever as we offer the best affordable services in the area.

DO you think that professional cleaning services cost an arm and a leg? Here’s how hiring professional cleaners is actually saving you money.

Final Thoughts 

With these easy tips, you can clean up the cooking space without exhausting hours.  Also, make sure to go for professional cleaning services as there’s nothing that can replace it. We at Maid Forever are readily available to make your kitchen look like new, so you don’t have to worry about anything.

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