Preparing House for Sale

Planning to put your home in the real estate market? 

Well, with a high inventory in the real estate market, buyers are getting choosy than ever! With so many options available, having your property sold faster will be tough. But with a few touch-ups and cleanups, you can grab the attention of potential buyers, and there is a high chance of closing that deal. 

We had a thorough talk with some real estate agents to find out how a buyer will be most interested in a property. For your house to be attractive, it needs to be spotlessly clean. And here is how to clean your home from top to bottom before selling it.

Make sure that your abode is all time ready to swoon the eyes of the buyers!

Put a Buyer’s Hat on and Inspect Your House Thoroughly

The foremost thing you should do is think like a buyer and walk around your home. Pay attention to even the smallest of details you feel are essential and can attract the attention of the buyers. Focus on your living room, dining room, bathroom, and kitchen as these are the rooms your potential buyers are interested in. While you’re at it, make notes of the things that need to be done in a particular area, so you don’t forget anything while dealing with the mess. Hiring the services of a professional cleaning agency will make cleaning easier as they have the knowledge and skills to clean the house to sell it faster.

Pay Attention to the Doorway

The face of your house is the doorway, and it is indispensable to ensure that it is pristinely clean to render a fantastic impression. Whether you are interested in selling your house personally or you are looking to involve a real estate agent, the doorway should remain clean at all times. As per expert real estate agents say, “Potential Buyers always start exploring the house from the doorway while pinpointing even the minor of imperfections. And, it is quite common that the buyers cancel the plan of buying a property if the doorway is in messy condition”.

Head outside your home and inspect the entryway. Don’t let the minor imperfections hide away from your eagle eyes and note them down in your cleaning list.

Here are a few areas you need for move-out clean to make your house ready for sale.

1. Get a New Welcome Mat and Throw Away the Old-One

An old mat can recite the tale of your house, and it is vital to replace it with a new one before putting your home for sale. Try to avoid using mats that have “Welcome Quotes” written on it, as it will make the buyers feel like guests.

2. Clean the Mailbox

Undeniably, the mailbox attracts a lot of dust and dirt because people don’t pay attention to it. If your mailbox is rusted and damaged, then it’s time to replace it. On the other hand, you can clean a dirty mailbox using dish soap, soft cloth, and some lukewarm water.

3. Remove the Cobwebs

Cobwebs or spider webs can mean that the owner doesn’t pay any attention to the home, and it was left unclean for a long time. You need to remove all the cobwebs dangling around the wall scones, and behind the door. Get a stool and a long broom to clean the mess. Finding it hard to remove the cobwebs? Get a cleaning expert at Maid Forever, and we will do it for you!

4. Buff and Shine the Fixtures of the Door

With time, the metal handles and other fixtures of the door can get dull and rusted. You can wipe out the blackish residue with a small amount of vegetable oil. Use metal polish to restore its shine. In case the door handle is in bad shape, then you should replace it with a new one.

Moreover, paint the front door if needed to make it appear new. Some trending door paints are homey red, eclectic yellow, and modern black. Make sure to match it with your home to get the best combination.

Undermine the Foul Odors

Odors are invisible, but our nose can catch them easily!

Foul odors can ruin the whole cleanliness of the house while curtailing the chance of clinching the deal. Before your real estate agent tells you to deodorize the property, you must do so! No matter how clean your house looks, you need to eliminate the foul odors to add a cherry on the cake.

There are a lot of items you can use to undermine the odors. Scented candles and air fresheners are the pocket-friendly options for every house owner. Don’t use air fresheners that are too strong as it may turn out to be a disturbing fragrance.

To remove pet and other odors, you can follow the below-mentioned tricks:

  1. Remove the things that are the root cause of the odor like pets, old shoes, and debris.
  2. Try to avoid eating food in your home when you have listed it for sale.
  3. Use a natural and light air freshener that works like a breeze.
  4. Open all the windows for at least 20 minutes each day to let the odors and bacteria flow away.

Organize the Drawers and Closets

A buyer will not leave even a single corner of the house unchecked if he/she is serious about buying it. They will poke the closets and drawers to ensure that they work fine, and there is nothing wrong with them. If you want the buyers to close the deal immediately, then it is better to organize everything neatly and tidily.

  • Take out excess things from the drawers and closets and throw away things you don’t need (It will also help you in decluttering)
  • Fold your clothes and hang them neatly as it will make the closets look organized and prominent.
  • Empty the fridge and oven.
  • Remove the large and useless kitchen accessories to make space appear big and clean.
  • Put your shoes and medications in boxes to hide them away.

Wash Your Roof to Remove Dirt and Debris

The roof of your house has taken a lot of beatings from the harsh climate, which can make it look damaged or worn. Most of the time, dirt and debris get stuck on your roof, especially when it is raining and at the time of Chinook winds arrival.

The potential buyers may think that the roof is in bad shape and is standing on its last leg, even if it can last for up to 7-10 years more.

Proper maintenance and cleaning of the roof ensure fewer damages and make it look not worn out. Take a pressure washer, and remove all the dust and debris from the roof. If you see minor damages, contact a roofing company to repair it ASAP.

Cleaning the roof can be daunting, but you can leave the task to professional cleaners from Maid Forever. Our cleaning maids can clean and wash the roof thoroughly to remove dust and debris.

Get Rid of the Clutter

The entryway of your home is clean, the roof looks good, and the house smells nice, what’s next?

Now it is the time to clear out the clutter to add another feather to the hat of cleanliness. An uncluttered home will make buyers adore the expansiveness of your home. Your house will appear big as there are no items that are blocking the line of sight.

Don’t try to remove everything as it can snatch the charm of your home. Make a list of items that are useless and are consuming a lot of space. You can remove the shoe rack, the massive bookshelf, and that old rocking chair. Remove any family pictures as it won’t be your home anymore. Lastly, mop all the floors and make sure that there are no visible stains.

Final Words

These are some useful tips that will aid you in prepping your house for sale. Moreover, professional assistance from a renowned cleaning agency in Toronto is highly advised as these experts have a deep proficiency in cleaning homes professionally.

It’s worth to go above and beyond for preparing your house for the real estate market, as you can land a much better offer by your side.